The Powervault G200-LA 4kWh fully-integrated home energy storage system

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The Powervault G200-LA 4kWh is a fully-integrated home energy storage system using Lithium-ion batteries that can be easily retrofitted to an existing solar PV installation. The system stores energy generated during the day by a local Solar PV installation for discharge at night when household electricity demand peaks. The expected lifetime of the Lead-acid battery pack is 5-7 years and more than 1200 cycles.

Connections Required

  • Ethernet/WiFi: to allow an internet HealthCheck, warranty monitoring, data logging and ‘Economy 7’ compatibility
  • Household Power Sensor: current clamp with up to 25m cable length
  • Mains Connection: connected to 16A RCBO and 5A fused spur


  • Internet Connections: Economy 7 compatible, customer monitoring portal, Demand Side Response and Smart Tariff compatible
  • LEDs: charging (green), discharging (blue), emergency socket mode (yellow), Idle (dark blue), fault (red)
  • Emergency Charging Mode: manual push-button (5second hold) until LED turns yellow
  • Safety Features: anti-islanding ERG83/2 Issue 2, over-temperature, over-load, over-voltage and under-voltage protection
  • Electricity Network Compatible: CE marked, IP22 case, UK inverter compatible (G83/2 and G59/3), Italian Inverter compatible (with external relay to CEI 0-21 and CEI 0-21 1), German Inverter compatible (VDE AR-N 4105-2011008 )


  • Electrical Installation: NICEIC certified electrical contractor
  • Location: indoors and downstairs, utility room, kitchen or garage
  • Air flow: 100mm space at the rear of the unit
  • Additional Parts Required: WiFi adaptor, current clamp, RCBO, fused spur, rotary isolator, Ethernet cable or WiFi adaptor
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