Solar iBoost+ New Version - Free Hot Water from your Solar Panels

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Solar iBoost+ New Version

The UK's favourite PV accessory! Solar iBoost+ is the latest automatic water heating device for PV system owners. Its increased efficiency and extra functions deliver even more savings and when coupled with iBoost Buddy you can conveniently monitor and control Solar iBoost+ within the home. With over 30,000 original Solar iBoosts successfully working in UK homes installers recommend it! A Simple Design with Innovative and Clever Features Solar iBoost+ fits quickly and neatly into your airing cupboard, simply wired between the existing fused spur and immersion heater. No need even to change your standard 3kW immersion heater. It responds rapidly to the varying home consumption and changing weather ensuring that only excess power is used. Solar iBoost+ features connections for 2 immersions, switching between them automatically to maximise electric water heating systems. Wireless Sender eliminates unsightly wiring. Solar iBoost+ displays real time information and historical energy saving figures are seen at the push of a button. View this and more data using the optional iBoost+ Buddy home display. Simple programmable timer enables Solar iBoost+ to work in harmony with your existing water heating system on a 5/2 day basis. Even separate winter and summer settings can be programmed and switched between at the push of a button. Built-in Boost override switch keeps you in control so you can top up your hot water in 15 minute increments up to 2 hours. Solar iBoost+ is ready to connect wirelessly to the Buddy if added at installation or a later date. CE compliance to all product and safety standards conducted by independent test laboratories. Dimensions: 256x157x91mm 1.55kg.


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