Hager WMPS12RB Sollysta White Moulded 1 Gang Push Switch With Bell Symbol 10Ax

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Hager WMPS12RB

• Unique patented LOOP terminal to allow Neutral looping at the switch.
• Complies with BS EN 60669-1, a.c only.
• ‘X’ rated - No need to derate for fluorescent loads.
• Two way switches can be wired either 1 way or 2 way.
• Clear terminal markings: 1-way L1, 2-way L2
• Capacity of each terminal 2 x 4.0mm2 conductors, For multigang switches use of a 25mm mounting, box will provide increased wiring space.
• Supplied with M3.5 x 20mm long fixing screws.

Sollysta White Moulded
In addition to its installation features for the contractor the white moulded range has particular aesthetic appeal for the end user with a fresh rounded appearance that also suggests something solid and substantial. The sollysta range has a subtle curved profile with rounded edges. The accessories also have a slight indentation around the rockers to further soften the look.

The range of sollysta wiring accessories is the easiest in the market to install with the shallowest back projection for more cabling space.

Behind the faceplate the terminals face in the same direction with lead ins for wiring, backed off screws held captive to prevent loss, wire end stops and clear white labelling off a dark grey background.

The wall switches are the market’s first neutral loop terminal contained within the accessory. This allows contractors to complete the loop connection in the switch instead of in the ceiling rose. Not only does this reduce cabling and the uncomfortable time spent working at ceiling level, but it also meets the needs of BS7671 since the connections are readily accessible for inspection.

The socket outlets are double pole and twin earth as standard and feature additional security with a three pin operated shutter mechanism. This prevents access to live parts unless all three pins from a standard British 13 amp plug are in position.

The white moulded range has a high impact strength for safety and is scratch resistant.

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